Broadband & Multimedia Consulting

ENTROPY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (EMS) offers consulting services in the areas of business development, technology and R&D management, systems engineering and expert services to the legal community. Our focus is on broadband and multimedia systems and networking for content management, distribution and consumption.

EMS brings over 40 years of industry experience and leadership in commercial and consumer market segments in communications systems and technology to meet your needs.

Optimal, Innovative and Effective Solutions

Areas Of Expertise

  • Digital Rights Management and Content Protection
    Applications, systems, architectures, standards and IPR
  • Digital and Electronic Cinema
    Content distribution, security, standards
  • Control and Conditional Access
    Technology, applications, standards & interoperability
  • Product Evaluation and Compliance
    Specification and standards compliance
  • Intellectual Property Leveraging
    Mining, licensing & enforcement for market advantage
  • Digital Television Technologies
    Systems, History & Development, Broadcast & Consumer Segments
  • Technical Expert/Expert Testimony
    Expert assistance, research & testimony for legal needs
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